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The name keeps what it promises: With the NANO LED heads, we are currently offering the smallest and most powerful LED lighting on the market. Our NANO LED heads are used whenever high light output and large-area illumination are required in tight spaces. You can choose between the NANO7 LED head with 7,000 lm or the NANO 14 LED head with 14,000 lm luminous flux. The high beam angle of 110 ° enables large-area illumination of objects. 8 x NANO 7 heads or 4 x NANO 14 heads can be connected via the compact control unit. In sync mode with a high-speed camera, the lighting time of the high-performance LED heads can be increased depending on the shutter time. For off-grid operation, we offer our tried and tested onboard smart battery with 7.5 Ah power.



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