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Hedler-Profilux LED 1000
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Main Features

  • Colour temperature optimized for colour
  • Low level of scattered light
  • Flicker-free
  • Aperture angle 14° or 30°
  • 270,000 lux (14°) at 50 cm distance
  • Intelligent control, various operating modes
    Half and Full light output
    Continious mode and Flash mode
  • Trigger input with programmable logic
  • Integrated Sync generator

Small, compact, flexible and exceptionally bright; these are the properties of the new HiB Multi-Head lighting solution for cramped or temperaturecritical applications. The lamp modules can be either mounted individually, or they can be mechanically connected together when increased light is required. Thanks to the newest LED technology, each head provides a light output of more than 270.000 lux at 50 cm distance. The intelligent control unit enables up to 4 module lamps to be controlled simultaneously.



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