High-speed recordings for aerospace applications


Typical user applications

High-speed cameras play an important role in the aerospace industry by enabling precise and detailed images for various applications.

Rocket launches are captured by high-speed cameras and analysed in detail to optimise the entire process. This contributes significantly to the development and improvement of space technologies.

High-speed cameras also enable precise recording of combustion processes during combustion tests, which contributes to the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly combustion technologies.

Material testing is made possible by the use of high-speed cameras to record the deformation of materials under extreme conditions. This helps to gain insights into the further development of material technologies.

They are also extremely useful in flow visualisation, as they can track the movement of liquids and gases in real time. This is particularly important in aerospace applications, such as in fuel lines or flow channels.

To summarise, high-speed cameras are indispensable tools for the aerospace industry. They provide detailed insights into complex processes and drive innovative technologies forward.

High-speed cameras for aerospace applications