The heart of the system, where everything comes together and is redistributed, is the Linkbox for the cameras. The Linkbox from High Speed Vision is characterised by its compact construction and low weight. To make mounting into the vehicle as simple and straightforward as possible, all dimensions and fixings have been designed according to the Kayser-Threde standard. Every Linkbox is capable of centrally supplying up to 12 cameras with all necessary signals, power supply and Gigabit Ethernet. The speciality of the Linkbox is that all signals, power supply and Gigabit Ethernet are fed to the camera by one central Lemosa plug, meaning that errors during mounting and connection are ruled out.

The cable has been specially developed and produced for this use, and provides a maximum level of operational safety by observing strict manufacturing tolerances. The HSV Linkbox also provides an adjustable sync-generator, as well as the possibility of adapting to the polarity of the trigger signals; also, different inputs are available for the trigger and synchronisation signals. When operating a Mini camera without a support battery, the Linkbox can be fitted with an optional rechargeable battery, which when required takes over the complete functionality of the camera. The display shows the charged state of the battery, and an acoustic signal warns when the battery level is too low.

The HSV-Wall Box supplies up to 6 high-speed cameras centrally. The cabling to the cameras is reduced to a minimum, since all signals, voltages and the Gigabit Ethernet network are offered via a single Lemo connector.

The wallbox is perfect for a structured cabling of complex, large systems. A 10 GigaBit fiber optic connection is optionally available for a fast data transfer. There is also the possibility of a star/- or serial signal distribution.

Furthermore, the HSV wallbox has an adjustable sync generator and the possibility to adjust the polarity of the trigger signals. for the supply of the trigger and synchronization signals, various inputs are available.

The wallbox is parameterized via Ethernet.

A separate trigger input is used for the trigger test.