High-speed images for range and ballistics applications


Typical user applications

High-speed cameras play a crucial role in range and ballistics applications by providing precise and detailed images.

In the field of explosives and pyrotechnics, these cameras are used to precisely analyse explosive events such as fireworks and controlled detonations.

In ballistics, high-speed cameras enable the exact trajectories of projectiles to be tracked, allowing ballistic phenomena to be analysed comprehensively. This is relevant for weapons development and for improving the safety and efficiency of ballistic systems.

During rocket launches, high-speed cameras are used to record the initial trajectory in detail and optimise the launch processes. This leads to an improvement in rocket launches.

The tracking of projectiles, whether for military tests or research into ballistic phenomena, is documented precisely and in detail by high-speed cameras. This is of crucial importance for ballistic analyses.

When tracking components, they enable the precise observation of individual components in complex systems. This contributes to the development of technological solutions.

In vehicle testing, high-speed cameras are used for detailed recording of dynamic tests such as crash tests and high-speed driving. They contribute to the evaluation of vehicle safety and performance.

High-speed cameras optimise material testing by accurately recording the deformation of materials under extreme conditions such as impacts or explosive forces.

High-speed cameras for range and ballistics applications