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Main Features

  • 1280 X 896 (1M Pixel)
  • Megapixel resolution at 16,000fps / 30,000fps (Boost Mode) / 50,000fps (Boost4 Mode)
  • Color ISO ~40,000 / Mono ISO ~200,000
  • Memory 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
  • Electric Shutter 1/10~1/1,666,666sec
  • Max Speed  400.000 fps
  • Dynamic: 8/10/12 Bit
  • Lens Mount: Nikon F-Mount, Canon EF Mount, C-Mount
  • Dimension: 128W x 128H x 206D mm
  • Weight: ca. 4,3 kg





Boost mode/Boost4 mode

Boost mode*1 combines nac’s unique sensor technology with a special signal processing method to increase the frame rate and resolution without significantly affecting the image quality. This powerful tool is ideal for applications that require higher frame rates and higher resolutions.

*1 Boost mode is currently only available on monochrome high speed camera models.

Increasing the frame rate
@1280 x 800 pixels
Normal mode: 14,000 fps -> Boost mode: 25,000 fps -> Boost4 mode: 50,000 fps

Increasing the resolution
@50,000 fps
Normal mode: 1280×224 pixels -> Boost mode: 1280×448 pixels -> Boost4 mode: 1280×896 pixels

Example of boost mode: Both images were taken at the same frame rate (left: normal mode, right: boost mode)

High light sensitivity ISO 100,000

All high-speed cameras in the ACS series are equipped with state-of-the-art CMOS sensors with a remarkable light sensitivity (monochrome ISO 100,000). The ACS delivers sharp and vivid images that capture fast movements with ease, even in low light conditions. This makes the ACS-3 M16 an excellent choice for demanding magnification and microscopic applications.

MEMRECAM ACS-3                                                                                         MEMRECAM HX-3

PC-less operation

No PC? No problem! The ACS V-PAD of the ACS series has a stunning HD viewfinder that allows full camera control via touchscreen.
The ACS V-PAD of the ACS series has a stunning HD viewfinder that allows full camera control via touchscreen.
In the field or in areas where PC control is not possible, the V-PAD allows full access to the ACS camera. Setup, recording, review and storage can all be done on an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Compact standalone system

The ACS-3 offers most of the features and benefits of its powerful predecessor, the ACS-1, but in a more compact and lighter design. Compared to previous nac models such as the MEMRECAM HX-3, the ACS-3 is 40 % smaller and 30 % lighter. The ACS-3 system is reliable and portable, making it ideal for almost any high-speed camera application.

Simple synchronisation of multiple cameras

Thanks to the SYNC-IN and SYNC-OUT connections on the back, the ACS enables simple and precise synchronisation of cameras. ACS cameras can be synchronised via a single cable without the need for trigger distribution boxes or external synchronisation devices.

nac comparison table for high-speed cameras