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Main Features

  • 2560 X 1920
  • IQ-Mode: Color ISO ~2,000 / Mono ISO ~10,000
  • S-Mode: Color ISO ~ 16,000 / Mono ISO ~ 80,000
  • Memory 16GB / 32 GB
  • Electronic Shutter 10msec to 1.1usec
  • Max Speed  200,000 fps
  • Dynamic: 8/10/12 Bit
  • Dimension: 100W x 100H x 205D (mm)
  • Weight: approx. 2,9 kg



Memrecam HX-7s Specification Sheet


The nac MEMRECAM HX-7s High-Speed camera is compact and lightweight, providing incredible resolution of 5 megapixels at speeds of up to 850 frames per second. It offers Full HD resolution at up to 2,000 frames per second, as well as 1 megapixel at up to 3,600 frames per second, and much more! The HX-7s delivers the optimal solutions to users, including the highest resolutions, greatest light sensitivity, genuine mobility, and unmatched standalone performance with ultra-fast imaging.

The HX-7s is literally two cameras in one!

When it comes to reliable, high-quality high-speed camera systems, you make the safe choice with nac!

Unique features of the HX-7s include:

  • CMOS sensor with 2560×1920 active pixels and a bit depth of 12/10/8 (customer selectable).
  • The electronic shutter enables fast shooting from 10 milliseconds to 1.1 microseconds.
  • In addition, the camera is designed for stand-alone operation and does not require connection to a laptop or PC for local control.
  • Simultaneous recording and downloading are also possible. Simultaneous recording and downloading of data from different memory segments is possible.
  • Fast data transfer thanks to recording on commercially available, non-volatile HDD media with a speed of up to 500 MB/second.
  • The Variable Framing Profile allows test runs with a variety of frame rates, both sequential and parallel.
  • Recording is extremely versatile, allowing burst, multi-trigger, restart trigger and frame trigger options.
  • A-EST mode offers a high-resolution timing and synchronisation system.
  • In straddle mode, the inter-frame time for PIV applications is 286 nanoseconds.
  • Dual segment recording: Simultaneous recording in two different memory segments with different imaging speeds.
  • Highest light sensitivity and robust design