SpeedCam MicroVis

The world’s smallest stand-alone high speed camera
800 x 600 Pixel at 1.000 fps
1.280 x 720 Pixel at 500 fps
Size: 59 x 30 x 32 mm
High-G: 200G / 11 msec
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SpeedCam MegaVis mini-series

Fast CMOS Sensor
Size: 85 x 85 x 104 mm
Acceleration proof: 150 g / 11 msec in all three axes
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High-Brightness LED lighting for Climatic Chambers

50.000 lumen at each LED Modul
- 50° C - + 95° C
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High-Brigthness LED Multihead Lighting

270.000 lux at eauch LED head
4 LED heads to be controlled simultaneously
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12 Port Linkbox- Camera Interface

The Linkbox is now available to support 12 cameras simultaneusly
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8 Port NANO Onboard LED Controller

The NANO controller is now available to support up to 8 (16) NANO LED heads simultaneusly
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Highspeed Cameras

Megavis HS 4




Special development




  • nanoThe product is true to its name. Our NANO LED heads are probably the smallest and most powerful LED heads available on the market today. Wherever, and whenever, high power illumination of large areas is required in cramped surroundings, our NANO LED heads are the perfect solution.

  • software screenshot 01With Version 5.0, Visart Software takes the next step; from providing pure camera control and image processing - to control of entire systems.