Off-Board LED Lighting

Lichtsegel mit LampensyncLamp4432The high-performance LED lamp module 4432A can be fitted to all sizes of light sails, but is equally suitable for use on component test rigs. According to the user’s needs, up to four modules can be combined to adapt to the demands for lighting.

The module housing is closed and does not require active cooling, therefore the risk of dust and dirt penetrating the electronics is avoided, and makes the LED lamp virtually maintenance-free.

The LED module is designed to operate with high speed cameras using a common synchronisation signal, whereby the exposure time (i.e. the pulse width of the signal) must be at least 50 % of the frequency. Example: A 1,000 fps pulse width requires min. 500µ/sec. The smaller the pulse width in relation to frequency, the longer is the lighting period of the LED module.


- 100,000 lumens per LED module
- Low power consumption
- Integrated controller
- Immediate “On”
- Can be switched on again without delay
- Maintenance free