Main Features

  • 4.608 X 2.176 pixels @ 1.000 fps
  • Color ISO ~3,200 / Mono ISO ~12,500
  • Memory 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
  • Electronic Shutter 1/10~1/909,000 sec
  • Max Speed 20.000 fps
  • Dynamic: 10/12 Bit
  • Dimensions: 128W X 128H X 135D mm
  • Weight: approx. 2,9 kg





The latest addition to the MEMRECAM GO range is the GO-4K Smart High Speed Camera, boasting a 10-megapixel high-definition sensor on an innovative technology platform capable of achieving 1,000 fps at 4608×2176 pixels. The resulting high-quality images with an increased field of view enhance image analysis accuracy. The camera’s compact and lightweight body (128 x 128 x 135 mm, weighing 2.9 kg) make it effortless to install and highly portable, allowing for the capture of high-speed phenomena in a variety of scenes.

Compact and lightweight

Compact and lightweight camera housing with dimensions of 128×128×135mm and a weight of 2.9kg, which can be easily installed in places with limited space. It is suitable for use in various research areas.

Easy operation

Saves to SSD

The high-speed camera is operable through a web browser on a mobile device or PC, sans the need for specialised control software.
Nevertheless, a WLAN router is essential.

Easy access to the connector

Connection for synchronisation with existing camera models.

Outdoor use and confined spaces

Outdoor Use

  • Ideal for applications where no power is available.
  • Instant on without cables and minimal set-up time.

Battery operation

IDX Battery

  • Supports IDX batteries
  • Easy wiring without AC power

Data storage on SSD

Saves to SSD

  • PC-less operation:
  • Easily adjust the image view using your smartphone or tablet.