Steuersoftware Visart

These features make Visart to the leading controlling software for digital high speed cameras

  • ARF and CICAS Support fulfilling the latest requirements of the “Arbeitskreises Sicherheitsversuch der deutschen Automobilindustrie”
  • Use of camera models of diverse camera vendors simultaniously
  • Support of the Windows® 10 operating system (32 and 64 Bit)
  • Templates to easily manage and set camera settings in the most flexible way
  • Parallel download to speed up the recording process for various camera models
  • Conversion of raw data to WMV, AVI or several image sequence formats
  • Parameterizing an controlling a multi camera system in the most convenient way with our system configuration

Visart enabled you to control multiple high speed cameras of different vendors. The challenge of developing a high speed camera control is the secure and intuitional operation of the complex camera system.

With Visart you can focus on your main duties. Concerning handling, configuration and data interpretation you can rely on an intuitinal controlling software equipped with a large variety of functions.

Controlling all cameras in the network is what Visar is designed for. The development in close contact to the customer guarantees the best possible operation and a comfort you soon don’t want to miss. Although Visart provides you with high functional complexity the step-by-step guidance is strait forward. Even after a short period of time you will feel “like home”.



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