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High speed grabber for nac cameras (optional)

Advanced post-processing (optional)

VFM: Material identification with the virtual field method (optional)

  • Complete identification of mechanical material parameters on the basis of full-field measurements
  • Automatic determination of weighting factors in the optimisation solver to maximise parameter sensitivity and minimise the effects of noise
  • Generation of full-field voltage maps
  • Elasticity, plasticity, hyperelasticity, visco-elasticity and visco-plasticity




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FEVAL: Finite element model validation (optional)

  • Mesh and node converter for Abaqus, Ansys, Siemens, … for shell/volume and linear/square formulations
  • Processing the FEA data through the same filters (subset, shape functions, interpolation, etc.) as the real experimental data
  • This levelling approach guarantees a true digital twin
  • Determination of the frame alignment by including the calibration parameters and reference points
  • Generation of full-field error and validation maps showing possible model errors
  • Batch processing available so that the finite element model can be updated




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