Nächstes Produkt

HSV LinkBox


  • High-G edition, 100G/20ms for high mechanical loads.
  • Rechargeable battery pack for safeguarding camera data in the event of a power failure.

The heart of our camera systems, where everything connects and redistributes, is the Linkbox. The HSV Linkbox is characterized by its small size and light weight. In order to make installation in the vehicle as easy as possible, the Kayser-Threde standard was adopted in terms of dimensions and assembly. Each Linkbox is able to supply up to 12 cameras with all the necessary signals, voltage and Gigabit Ethernet. The special thing about the linkbox is that all signals, power supply and Gigabit Ethernet are transferred to the camera with just one central Lemosa socket. Therefore mistakes in installation and connection can be reduced to zero.

The cables,specially developed and produced for this application, offer the highest level of operational safety thanks to the smallest manufacturing tolerances. Furthermore, the HSV link box has an adjustable sync generator and the possibility to adjust the polarity of the trigger signals. Differential inputs are available for the supply of the trigger/- synchronization signals. When using mini cameras without a backup battery, the Linkbox can optionally be equipped with a rechargeable battery. If necessary, this battery would take over the power supply of the cameras. The charge status of the battery can be queried via the display; when the charge status is low there is also an acoustical signal.



Flyer for the Linkbox