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LED 4438-Boost

The compact and robust high power LED lamp 4438 Boost has been conceived for operation in industrial Environments. Its luminous flux equals that of a 1kW HMI floodlight. The LED lamp can be used in continuous mode or together with a High Speed camera, in synchronization mode. For operation the LED floodlight is connected to the high-speed camera using a common synchronization signal. In sync mode, the LED lamp can generate over 200,000 lumens, providing more than twice the light output.

Multi-LED Operation
The 4438 Boost can be operated in the network and adjusted individually via the software. The networking takes place via two RJ 45 sockets in the “daisy chain” process. In addition to the RS 485 signals for configuring the lamp, the synchronization signal is also transmitted.

With the optionally available COM Server, the 4438 LED lamp can be connected to any commercially available computer via Ethernet and controlled via basic software included in the scope of delivery.

Via the Visart software, HS cameras and LED lighting can be controlled and adjusted together.



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