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AOS L-VIT 2500
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AOS L-VIT 1000

Main Features

  • 1920×1080 pixel @  1.000 fps
  • 1920×256 pixel @ 4.000 fps
  • Color ISO ~3.600 / Mono ISO ~8.000
  • Memory 2GB / 4GB / 8GB / 16GB
  • Dynamic: 8 Bit / 10 Bit
  • Lens Mount: C-Mount, F-Mount (optional)
  • Dimension: 75W X 75H X 75D mm (without Batterie)





The L-VIT 1000 is ideal for confined spaces such as those found in vehicle crash tests and military testing. The compact high speed camera has a highly light sensitive 1920 x 1080 pixel sensor with a frame rate of up to 1000 fps. The comprehensive input and output functions are designed to be very cost effective, making this high-speed camera particularly suitable for in-vehicle crash testing.

The high speed cameras are tested at 150g/11 msec on all axes. The highly light sensitive sensor ensures razor sharp images. This range of high quality cameras is robustly built and represents another milestone in the AOS high speed camera portfolio.