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AOS M-VIT 4000

Main Features

  • 1280×864 pixel @  3.716 fps
  • 1280×256 pixel @ 12.207 fps
  • Color ISO ~6.000 / Mono ISO ~10.000
  • Memory  4GB / 8GB / 16GB
  • Dynamic: 10 Bit (Mono) / 30 Bit(color)
  • Lens Mount: C-Mount, F-Mount (optional), EF-Mount (optional)
  • Dimension: 75W X 75H X 75D mm (without Battery)





The M-VIT 4000 is perfect for cramped spaces, like those that can arise during vehicle crash tests and military trials. The small high-speed camera comes with an extremely light-sensitive 1280×800 pixel sensor, enabling frame rates of up to 4000 fps. Additionally, it boasts a range of comprehensive I/O functions that are packaged in a space-saving manner, making it an ideal choice for onboard vehicle crash tests with higher speed requirements.

The high-speed cameras are subjected to tests on all axes with a 150g load and a speed of 11 msec. The sensor, which is highly light-sensitive, enables precise and sharp images. This series of high-speed cameras is distinguished by its exceptional quality and robust construction, marking another significant milestone in AOS’s line of self-supporting high-speed cameras.