Although Visart software is simple and intuitive to use, it is capable of performing the most complex tasks involved in controlling multiple cameras, lighting systems and test rigs. It has been developed in close cooperation with users and engineers in automobile test centres, and has been carefully coordinated to their needs and demands.

Multi-Camera Control

Visart software also enables control of different high speed camera models from different manufacturers. As well as providing intuitive adjustment of camera parameters, particular attention has been paid to ensuring a clear overview of all cameras in the network. It includes a particularly powerful tool for storing, recalling and inserting project templates by drag and drop.

Control of On-Board and Off-Board LED Lighting

Modern LED lighting systems can be programmed and adapted to the prevailing recording conditions. Our lighting systems are displayed by Visart, and the software allows their intensity, as well as a wide range of other operational modi to be set. Parameters can be stored and later reinserted by drag and drop.

Control of Cranes and Lighting Sails, and their Positioning Units

Visart software enables movements to the widest range of positions. These positions can be stored in relation to a particular test, and later recalled and inserted by drag and drop.

Control of Network Components

The Linkbox (Cam Interface) can be used as a central sync. generator for all connected components. As well as setting the recording frequency, Visart can also be used to set the pulse width (exposure time).

Wireless Control

The Visart application is installed on a Windows tablet PC and enables simple, wireless setting of all cameras in the network. In addition to camera control, all LED lighting facilities can be activated, thus making settings and adjustments extremely comfortable.