The Phantom v2640 offers an unprecedented image quality and is the world’s fastest 4 MP camera. With full resolution of 2048 x 1952 pixels up to 6600 fps are possible, in Full HD up to 12.500 fps.

The clean and extremely detailed image is the result of a minimal readout noise and a very high dynamic range. Low noise ensures a clean picture, especially in dark or hard-to-see areas. The high dynamic range shows the details in the shades of an image, especially in high-contrast scenarios. The v2640 has both: the lowest background noise of all phantom cameras and the highest dynamic range.

The VEO 640 is a 4-megapixel camera with a throughput of more than 6 gigapixels / second (GPX / s). This enables the recording of up to 1400 frames per second with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and up to 2800 frames per second at 1080p HD. The maximum speed with reduced resolution is 290,000 fps. With the maximum RAM configuration of 72 GB, the VEO 640 reaches a recording time of 8 seconds at 1400 fps.