Special development

Theodolite project realised in larger quantities

The invitation to tender required that high resolution high speed cameras to be mounted on theodolites, with digital angle emitters for highly precise visual 3D surveying. A major challenge for the complete system was the 3D measurement with spatially widely distanced measurement points, without any fixed orientation possibilities being available in the measurement area.

Highly precise angle values are needed for setting up the measurement area, as well as for the actual measurements themselves. The angle data of the measurements is stored together with the exact time information permanently with the camera image data. This means that all information necessary for measuring is kept together with the image data. This seamless and automatic integration means that allocation errors, or even lost data, is ruled out.

Because of its already well-proven project competence, High Speed Vision took over leadership of the project and supported the customer in all project phases. Starting with the project definition in which (and most importantly) the required accuracy levels were decided, and on to project planning and project implementation and supervision. The planned project duration was strictly observed according to the time limits set. At the final project conclusion meeting the results were presented and handed over, and later evaluated in a retrospective review.

LED Special Solution


Die HiB LED Kopfsysteme zeichnen sich durch extrem hohe Lichtleistung aus. Jeder Kopf generiert mehr als 130.000 lux auf einem Abstand von 50 cm. Über jedes Steuergerät können bis zu 4 LED Köpfe betrieben werden. Von einem österreichischen Forschungsinstitut kam die Anfrage nach einem System mit 20 HiB Köpfen, die über eine Steuerung betrieben werden können. Für die LED Köpfe galten noch erschwerte Umweltbedingungen für den Außeneinsatz mit Schutz gegen Spritzwasser.

Die LED Köpfe wurden mechanisch modifiziert und gegen Staub und Spritzwasser abgedichtet. Der Ventilator entspricht dem IP 65 Standard. Für die Steuerung der 20 LED Köpfe wurde eine Sonderversion im 19" Gehäuse entwickelt.