Phantom Miro 340/341

Picture2.560 x 1.600 pixels
Phantom Miro 340/341800 fps (at full image format)
311.000 fps (at part. image format)
5.000 / 1.250 ISO

Phantom Miro 340 and 341 camera models employ a 4 Mpx sensor (2560 x 1600), and share other popular Miro features. The Miro 340/1 has a throughput of 3.2 Gpx/s and a frame rate of 800 fps at full resolution. These cameras use microlenses on their custom-designed CMOS sensor with 10 µm pixel pitch to achieve increased light sensitivity, and with 12-bit pixel depth you can expect excellent image quality.

The LAB model is intended for laboratory / office environment use and has simplified I/O with industry standard connectivity. The R-Series is a ruggedized version for use in harsh environments such as outdoor use.
Both cameras have a minimum exposure time of 1 µs and a straddle time of 1.4 µs.
Scientists and engineers can take advantage of the 3.2 Gpx/s throughput, precise timing, camera synchronization, flexible triggering, excellent light sensitivity, and many other advanced features to gain insight into products and processes. The cameras allow you to see what cannot be seen with the human eye.



Main features:

  • CMOS Sensor
  • 2.560 x 1.600 Pixel @ 800 fps
  • 512 x 512 Pixel @ 9.290 fps
  • Max. Speed: 311.000 fps
  • Electonical shutter up to 1,0 µseconds
  • Memory 6GB (12 GB option (Upgrade bundled 120GB CineFlash to 240GB))
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Dynanic: 12 bit
  • Light sensitifity mono/ color: 5.000 / 1.250 ISO
  • Power cosumtion: 65 Watt
  • Lens mount: Nikon F-Mount, Canon EF Mount, C-Mount, PL-Mount
  • Size : 190 x 88 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • LC-Series: LCD touchscreen
  • R-Series: Shock 40G (standard) or 100G (optional), Vibration 15 Gms
  • LAB-Series: Shock 30G