Software Release: Visart Version 5.0

Written by High Speed Vision.

software screenshot 01With Version 5.0, Visart Software takes the next step; from providing pure camera control and image processing - to control of entire systems.

Network-capable LED lighting systems and their control units can now be operated alongside existing cameras. Camera synchronisation with the LED lighting system is particularly important; therefore all sync-generators in the system can now be controlled at the same time. The fully-synchronised test assembly can be switched from set-up operations to test readiness - with just one click.

This concept has already been implemented with the LED Floodlights 4432 and 4424, and the new NANO LED On-board Lighting System.

Additional functions in Visart 5.0 Software:

  • export of Visart projects is now possible in MME format
  • now available in Spanish, as well as English and German
  • a MS-Windows 8 app is now available for remote operations

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