NANO – New On-board LED Lighting

Written by High Speed Vision.

nanoThe product is true to its name. Our NANO LED heads are probably the smallest and most powerful LED heads available on the market today. Wherever, and whenever, high power illumination of large areas is required in cramped surroundings, our NANO LED heads are the perfect solution.

Choose between the NANO7 LED head with 7,000 lm, and the NANO 14 LED head with 14,000 lm. The wide beam angle of 110° allows wide illumination of objects. The compact control unit enables up to 8x NANO 7 heads or 4x NANO 14 heads to be connected. When used in synchronous operation with a high-speed camera, the light ON period can be increased according to the camera shutter time. For operations separate of a mains power supply, we can provide our reliable, on-board Smart Battery with 7.5 Ah capacity.

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