The new Phantom VEO 1310 high speed camera is by far the most compact in its performance class. A clear advantage for mobile use or in confined spaces.

New Phantom camera – T1340

Phantom T1340

Phantom T1340 – Outstanding features in a small housing

The new Phantom T1340 high-speed camera is the first of the new T-series and opens up completely new possibilities for process optimization. It combines outstanding properties in terms of resolution, recording speed, and simplified workflow, all in the smallest of spaces. At just 12.5 x 12.5 x 20 cm, the 4 Mpx high-speed camera is the most compact in its performance class. The robustly built camera in an aluminum housing and integrated memory is shock-resistant up to 30G. It offers many advantages in mobile use, in confined spaces and in harsh environments.

With a resolution of 2048 x 1952, an impressive 3,270 fps can be achieved. Activating the binning mode increases the light sensitivity and frame rate, so that, for example, an impressive 12,130 fps can be recorded at a resolution of 1024 x 976. By further reducing the resolution, up to 113,514 images per second can be realized. The high light sensitivity ISO up to 12,000 in mono mode and up to 4,000 in color with 12-bit image resolution enables high detection capabilities even in shadowy areas. In particular, the camera ensures the flexible and efficient workflow.

Special features are:

  •  The CineMag V memory (up to 8 TB) for a safe and very fast storage process
  •  Optional 10 GB Ethernet, very fast download speed
  •  On Camera Controls (OCC)
  •  SDI and HDMI inputs for live monitoring and playback

The extremely fast and large 144 GB RAM also enables longer recording times. This memory can be divided into up to 64 partitions (as a ring buffer) for repetitive events. The image-based auto trigger is particularly advantageous.

In addition to the purely visual evaluation of the images and videos, the analysis software also offers many important measurement functions: Synchronization with external controls, measurements of time, position, distance, speed, angle and angular speed.

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