The SpeedCam MegaVis Mini delivers crystal-clear images with the highest photosensitivity, and is perfectly suited for use as a monitoring camera. Its compact and robust construction means that it can also be used in vehicle interiors or on crash-test sleds. The MegaVis Mini camera is available in two versions. The 4-megapixel version enables 1,106 fps recordings at full resolution, and the MegaVis HD+ provides recordings of up to 1,602 fps at a resolution of 1,920 x 1,440 pixels. Both cameras can achieve speeds of more than of 2,000 fps at classic HD resolution.

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The Speedcam MacroVis HS series provides up to 4,000 fps at 1-megapixel resolution and is therefore highly suitable for demanding tasks in vehicle interiors, on crash-test sleds, or for airbag testing facilities. A water-cooled housing is available for this camera series, enabling them to be used in climate chambers at temperatures from -50° C to +100° C.

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Our HSV Mini range are amongst the smallest and lightest cameras available on the market today. They can be supplied with a 1.3 or 3-megapixel sensor, and are particularly suitable for mounting inside vehicles where space is limited. The 1.3 megapixel camera has a resolution of 1,008 x 634 pixels at 1,000 fps, and the 3-megapixel camera a resolution of 1,472 x 1,036 pixels. The image format for both cameras can be chosen freely. Both cameras feature special sensors with patented Dual Slope technology. This technology considerably reduces overexposure (or “blooming”) in the image which can occur when an airbag opens, and it make structures in the airbag clearly visible. The cameras are fitted with innovative heat management that makes active cooling unnecessary.

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Similar to the Linkbox, all signals, power and Gigabit Ethernet can be optionally (optimally) supplied to the cameras mentioned above by using just one central Lemosa plug - thus guaranteeing simple, error-free networking.