High Speed Cameras

Phantom cameras offer a wide range of performance features, covering all requirements in automotive test centers. The cameras of the Phantom VEO 640 series feature the highest resolution of 2,560 x 1,640 pixels at 1,400 images per second and, in addition to excellent photosensitivity, also offer maximum dynamics with the lowest possible noise. The cameras are handy and specifyed for up to 100G shock.

 veo 640

The Speedcam MacroVis HS series provides up to 4,000 fps at 1-megapixel resolution and is therefore highly suitable for demanding tasks in vehicle interiors, on crash-test sleds, or for airbag testing facilities. A water-cooled housing is available for this camera series, enabling them to be used in climate chambers at temperatures from -50° C to +100° C.

Kamera G3 OEM F Mount blauKlimagehaeuse

Our HSV Mini range are amongst the smallest and lightest cameras available on the market today. They can be supplied with a 1.3 or 3-megapixel sensor, and are particularly suitable for mounting inside vehicles where space is limited. The 1.3 megapixel camera has a resolution of 1,008 x 634 pixels at 1,000 fps, and the 3-megapixel camera a resolution of 1,472 x 1,036 pixels.

Mini High G hsvision speecam microvis 1

The SpeedCam MicroVis is particularly suited for all applications where space restrictions apply. The highly light sensitive sensor is built around most modern micro electronics, combined with unique mechanical design. This makes the Speedcam MicroVis to the world’s smallest stand-alone high speed camera.